The Enercom Group works with the future in mind, with a strong, responsible focus on the growing social role an organisation active on the energy market is called upon to play.

Our 70-year history is living proof that, in Italy, business success can be founded on sound, shared principles.

And a shining example of how to face new challenges, adapt to a changing general context, and embrace and develop fresh inputs, always ready with new ideas.

This site  tells you about us, what we are today, what we want to become and, to conclude, the experiences that have shaped us.

We’re already at work on the next 70 years.

Vision and Values

We work to make tomorrow a better day

Operating on the energy market is not only great good luck and an honour, but also an equally great responsibility: what we do affects the present and future of all of us. So “we work to make tomorrow a better day”. What we do can satisfy and often anticipate people’s needs, and increase society’s prosperity and help it to progress, within a framework of values honest in its intentions and effective in its results.

Doing things to perfection

We believe in the value of beauty. We like to do things properly, with passion and efficacy.


We always remember we are working amongst and for people. We aim to ensure that our conduct always complies with the highest standards of fairness and justice.


Once we have set our goals, we must work towards them continually, consistently and powerfully.


Sharing knowledge increases its value. We are open to inputs from the outside, and ready to share our know-how.


Our lives, both working and personal, change every day: we change, and so does the environment around us. Our minds must stay open to these changes to perceive them as soon as possible, listen to them with curiosity, analyse them, and, if appropriate, adopt them as our own.

Companies and Businesses

Energy and synergy

Today, the Enercom Group is structured in 5 main energy market business areas: production, distribution, sale, energy efficiency and services.
Being a Group focused on energy, comprising independent but synergistic companies, gives our organisation some major plus factors: long experience but “fresh” energies, financial soundness coupled with a streamlined, efficient organisation, structured competences and agility in action.


Delivering energy from the producer to the private or business final customer requires experience, competence, and a strong focus on people’s safety. We continually invest resources for the construction and management of gas and electricity distribution networks and for optic fibre connection.


Buying energy at source, negotiating fair prices that offer the just reward for everyone’s work but are highly beneficial for our final customers: another form of “responsibility”.

Smart City

An intelligent, “leading-edge” city, which combines prosperity, safety and convenience with the right vision of energy use, to safeguard both individuals and the environment.

Smart Home

Your home is your castle, and it is our job to make it convenient and safe, with one eye on your satisfaction and another on savings: a home of and for the family.

Electricity & Gas

The most traditional of services, delivered in the best possible way. We aim to understand our customers in depth, to offer them personalised contracts and solutions of real value. We’re interested not in “for everyone” but “for you”.


Public Lighting

Not only traffic lights and street lighting for townspeople’s daily lives and safety, but also artistic lighting for monuments, to add value to our country’s artistic heritage. Our actions also enable public authorities to reduce their expenditure and benefit from a leading-edge service.

Energy Efficiency

The keystone of the “future system”: identifying critical points, taking fast action, recommending and implementing the most effective, sustainable innovative solutions, with the aid of technologies with low economic and environmental impact.

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is the only real choice for protecting the environment. From hydroelectric power to biogas, the Group aims for sustainability and independence in energy production.

The Figure that matter

We prefer to focus on our staff and dialogue with our customers. The figures in the books are important, but those relating to people are even more so. The people who follow us, help us and work with us, the people who will inherit our future …. Read more …


of training


saved on 80 energy efficiency projects in 24 months


Who thrive on Enercom Group energy


of investments in surrounding communities, businesses, infrastructure


of roads lit by the Enercom Group (the same distance as from Milan to the North Cape)


generated independently by 2022: the electricity used by 5,000 typical households!

The figures that count












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We support research and corporate growth.

We support research and corporate growth. We are actively engaged on supporting and developing projects with high innovative potential.

As a Group, we support the 2020 research project of the Osservatorio Startup Intelligence of the Politecnico University in Milan.

In the “Open Innovation” area, we have issued the Innovation2live call, under which we work directly with startups on leading-edge projects in smart home technology.

We also partner the European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT) in the development of R&D projects.

Our Ideas Lab, on the other hand, is the outcome of what our Top Management call “Inside Innovation”.

It is a joint training programme focused on the future and the creation of a homogeneous corporate culture.

Within the ENERCOMMUNITY in-house digital communication and sharing space, all Group employees have a virtual container where they can put forward ideas and innovations on company products, services, processes or welfare. These ideas are then analysed and if appropriate expanded by the team of Innovactors, the Group’s innovation managerial team.


When the common good is our top priority

Acting as a group: an important concept, which means that the common good is truly our top priority. For the Enercom Group, this means sustainability and working together towards this goal.

Internal Resources

Sustainability for our internal staff, appreciated and encouraged in a relationship of reciprocal exchange, enabling everyone to fulfil their potential.

External Partners

Sustainability for our external partners, never just suppliers but rather brilliant associates in the common drive towards excellence.

Final Customer

The centrality of the final customer, anticipating and satisfying his needs, focusing on always supplying him with safety, service and saving.

Environmental Sustainability

And, of course … environmental sustainability. We work in the energy sector, so we have a great responsibility towards the world we live in. Today, as a Group, we can proudly claim complete supply chain sustainability, from production to energy efficiency through to the sale of 100% renewable green energy.

The Community

Social responsibility and the community

Every company that makes ethics its own recognises its social responsibility in relation to people and the community.

So the Enercom Group is proud to work alongside leading cultural, voluntary and sports organisations, actively contributing to their success, with the certainty of being amply repaid in terms of humanity and sharing.


The path to growth

We also strategically pursue cooperation and the sharing of a path to growth with business associations and educational institutions.

For us, these are important opportunities for knowledge and improvement. They enable us not only to discuss issues of industrial and cultural importance, but also to raise the awareness of public opinion and the world of institutions and education about the characteristics of our business.